T-Shirts, How Complicated Can They Be?

T-Shirts, How Complicated Can They Be?

It’s really easy for a custom-printed t-shirt program to quickly get out of control and become overly complicated. The biggest challenge is learning what’s important and what isn’t. By getting overly concerned with too many details and options, the process becomes very challenging and can lead to frustration and disappointment. It certainly doesn’t have to be that way. 


Here are some guidelines to help you successfully manage the process.


1. Get to Know Your Printer.

First, schedule a meeting with each potential vendor. At the very beginning, make it perfectly clear you’re gathering information and let them know you ARE NOT simply price shopping.

T-shirt printers get frustrated by two things. The first is the price shopper who’s looking for the very lowest price for however many shirts they need. This tells the printer you don’t have a clue and that you’re most likely wasting their time working with you. He knows you’re going to pump him for information and then take the order to the guy who’s cheapest. This is unethical and down right unfair. Respect the time and knowledge being shared with you. This is one of the reasons we prepared this weekly newsletter.


2.Essential: Assessing T-Shirt Quality Carefully.

Understanding the quality of the t-shirts is paramount for ensuring your customers satisfaction and achieving the desired outcome. High-quality t-shirts not only enhance the overall look and feel of the printed design but also contribute to the garment's durability and comfort. By knowing the quality of the t-shirts, you can make informed decisions that align with their your brand image and your customers expectations. Whether it's the fabric composition, stitching, or finishing details, attention to quality reflects positively on your brand and enhances the perceived value of your custom apparel. It fosters trust and confidence in the product, leading to long-term customer loyalty and repeat business. Ultimately, investing in quality t-shirts sets the foundation for successful custom screen printing projects that leave a lasting impression on your customers and stakeholders alike.


Next week we will talk about...Managing Colors, Sizes, Styles and Getting the Weight Right.


Best regards,

Darryl Garcia

Brand Identity Specialist/ Owner

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