It’s been said that to succeed in business, you should start with the end in mind.


Our results are best in class because our starting point is different. 

Excellent end results begin with a true sense of collaboration and partnership. Not one based on commodity pricing. We ask better questions to develop deeper clarity of the outcome, so we can create results you can’t get anywhere else.

We begin the process of building that smile by asking you a million questions. Questions, frankly, that probably not a lot of people have asked you before. So, for example, you might hear us ask:

“How are you connected to your community?”

“What do you want to be known for with what you do?

“What do your customers expect from your brand?”

“What does success look like with this project?”

We’ll ask those, and probably many more. This is necessary because, at ColorTech, we think long-term. We’re about doing things right and being in alignment with the results that are expected.  

Start With Why

Developing a deeper understanding of your needs begins with asking questions that guarantee that your products align with your customer’s expectations for your brand. What is the experience that you want them to have with your company? What story do you want them to tell about you?

That’s critical.

Color Tech can deliver outstanding results because we obsess over the details from your perspective. The only thing that matters is what your customers think.

Our “Why” is about making your customers happy.

Color Tech Process

Your time is valuable. Over the years, we have developed processes that reduce frustration and friction points for developing products for our customers. We are in the brand development business and take that to heart.

Developing merchandise is complex. There is an almost limitless number of variables with fabric content and colors. Decoration methods. Artwork and creative ideas. Packaging, shipping, and even online webstores. We have instant access to over 100 years of combined industry experience at our fingertips.

When we collaborate with you on a project, our efforts and actions should align with your ultimate goals. That’s why we dig deep to uncover what you value the most.

Our processes are the guardrails in place to deliver consistent, predictable, and reliable results.

Next Steps

If you are looking for a partner to help you connect your excellence to those who love what you do, then you are in the right place.

Schedule a call or arrange an appointment to come by the shop. Let’s take a few minutes and discover how Color Tech can help you build the best solution for what you’d like to deliver to the market.